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Folk Festivals and Organizations ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Fellow Musicians and Friends

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Folk Festivals and Organizations
  • Folk Music Society of New York - (New York Pinewoods Folk Music Club) Concerts, weekends, parties, festivals, etc. in NYC and environs.
  • Eisteddfod New York - A festival of traditional music.
  • New England Folk Festival (NEFFA) - Music, dance, workshops, much of it participatory.
  • CDSS (Country Dance & Song Society) - Folk music and dance events; Pinewoods weeks.
  • CD*NY - Country Dance New York - Contra and English country dances.
  • Banjo Ben - Old-time and bluegrass music links in Metro N.Y.
  • Banjo Newsletter - Articles about all aspects of the 5-string banjo, from old-time music to bluegrass and more.
           Alan's Articles
    • June '06 issue contains Alan's feature article on old-time musician Paul Brown.
    • April, 08 issue contains Alan's interview of old-time musician Pete Vigour, living in Charlottesville, VA.
    • July, 09 issue contains Alan's article on the NYC old-time scene.
    • July, 2011 issue has Alan's article on old-time musician Joe Newberry.
    • March, 2015 issue contains Alan's feature article "Singing with the Banjo."
    • SmallNewThe March, 2016 issue features Alan's interview of old-time banjo player Josh Turknett.
  • The Old-Time Herald - Journal containing articles about old-time music.
  • Ring O' Bells - (Enter Ring 'O Bells in that website's search box) Ancient, ritual English morris dance; a N.Y. women's team.
  • Half Moon - Ancient, ritual English rapper-sword dance; a N.Y. women's team.
  • Kings County Opry - Old-time, bluegrass, country music, etc. in Brooklyn, NY.
  • Bay at the Moon Music - Old-time, country music, etc. in Brooklyn, NY.

Fellow Musicians and Friends
  • Audrey Rosner - Old-time fiddler and designer of beautiful fiddle T-shirts, which can be purchased on her website.
  • SmallNew Harry Bolick - Fantastic old-time fiddler and expert on the music of Mississippi.
  • Julianne Carney - Superb fiddler and violinist, can, and does, play everything from old-time to classical music.
  • Anne Price - Sings traditional and contemporary songs, including those of her own composition.
  • Gina Samardge - A wonderful singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, educator and actress.
  • Steve Suffet - Sings a wide variety of folk songs, many of which he has adapted to his own style, and a number that he has written himself.
  • StringCycle - Creates remarkably beautiful, inticate, artistic things from recycled guitar strings (hair barrettes, ornaments, etc.) which can be ordered from her website.
  • Triple-A Sring Band - Featuring Alan Friend, Amy Melson, Audrey Rosner, Howard Weinberg playing and singing old-timemusic with fiddle, banjo & guitar.

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